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2023 Michigan Scholastic Club Championships
14 Oct
Sat, Oct 14 - Sat, Oct 14
8:30am - 8:00pm
Lansing Center
333 E Michigan Ave
Lansing, MI, 48933, United States



Parking in Downtown Lansing:


4 Sections: K-12, K-8, K-5, K-3
USCF Membership required for all sections except K-3
MCA Membership required for all Michigan residents
Memberships can be purchased during the registration process and benefits MCA
Out of State players and club are welcome to participate

Printable Flyer:

Time Control:



9am - 11am - 1pm- 3pm - 5pm

Entry Fee:

$25 Advance by 10/9/2023
$42 Advance by 10/13/2023 at 8pm
All mailed entries must be postmarked by 10/5/2023
If an invoice is needed for school payment, please contact the TD by 9/29/2023 to allow time for processing
ON-SITE REGISTRATION: $55 with half point bye for round 1


Online registration:
K-3 Section Registration:
K-5, K-8, K-12 Registration:

Mail Entries: MCA, P.O. Box 40, Flint, MI 48501

Note that the K-3 section does not require USCF memberships, so it listed separately on the registration website. Birthdates of all players are required for the K-3 section to be USCF rated per USCF rules. MCA membership is required. All other sections required both USCF and MCA memberships.

Check in:
Players who have paid in advance will be paired for round 1, and do not need to check in. Coaches/Parents should inform TD before 8:15 if one of their players will not be present. Full refunds will be given for anyone that withdraws in advance - no excuse needed. No refunds will be given for anyone who is paired for the first round.

Coaches should email TD their club rosters in the week before the tournament. Players on the same club will be identified on the registration site entry list with the same "school" code which represents their club name and is not necessarily tied to a school.


Trophy to Top 7 Individuals Overall + any with 4 points
Trophy to Top 7 Clubs (top 4 individual scores from each club are used)
Medal to all individuals with 3.5 points


Jeff Aldrich
(810) 955-7271


Tournament Information:
- Equipment: Boards and Pieces are provided for tournament games. Bring your own set for skittles between rounds.
- Bring Clocks: Games may start without clocks, but games running long will have a clock placed on them with very little time.
- Notation: All players must record the moves of their game until one player has less than 5 minutes remaining on the clock. Younger players just learning to write should make an attempt by writing the piece or check marks. Please bring writing utensils.
- Cell Phones: No Players may have cell phone in their possession during their game.
- Spectators: Parents and Coaches will be separated from the playing area once games begin.
- Results: When games are complete, players should leave the position as is and both players should raise their hands to summon a TD to record the result of the game. If the TD cannot determine an agreement of the result, the game will continue.
- Club Teams: This event allows for an open definition of a club – there are no limits. When registering, be sure all players register under the same club name when asked for school name. The top 4 scoring players of the club represent the team score. A minimum of 2 players must be on a club to win a club award
- Individuals: Players do not need to be part of a club to participate. Individual players are only eligible for individual awards.
- Players/Clubs from outside Michigan are welcome to participate in this event.

Visit to see the location layout. Below is the space available for the chess tournament.
- Playing Area: Hall C
- Teams Rooms Available: Rooms, 101-104, Rooms 201-205
- General Skittles: Banquet Rooms 1-8
- Concessions: North Point Café
NO OUTSIDE FOOD or COOLERS per Lansing Center Rules!!! Concessions available on-site

Doubletree by Hilton Lansing (formerly Radisson), 111 N. Grand Avenue, Lansing, MI 48933
(Near the State Capitol in Downtown Lansing); $109 + tax by September 29, 2023, after if space available.
Online Reservation Link: or Call 833-904-2206 & Use Code MCC for discounted rate

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