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2024 Michigan High School & Junior High Team Championships
24 Feb
Sat, Feb 24 - Sat, Feb 24
9:00am - 8:00pm
Oakland Center
312 Meadow Brook Rd
Rochester, MI, 48309, United States



Directions to the Oakland Center
The Oakland Center is located in the heart of Oakland University’s main campus.
Oakland University is located in southeastern Michigan between Flint and Detroit. The 1,441-acre campus actually extends into two cities — Auburn Hills and Rochester Hills, between Adams Road and Squirrel Road, just south of Walton Boulevard. Take I-75 to exit 79 and go east on University Drive to the main entrance of campus. Or, take M-59 to the Squirrel Road exit and go north to the main entrance of campus at the corner of University Drive.

From OU’s Main Entrance
To get to the Oakland Center from the main entrance of campus, drive around the circle drive past the first entrance to Meadow Brook Road until you get to the second entrance to Meadow Brook Road and turn right. The Oakland Center is located on the right side of the road between North and South Foun-dation Halls. The best place to park is in Parking Lot 1 or 2.


High School: 4-SS, 2 Sections - High School Championship: HS Teams (Gr 9-12), High School Reserve: HS Teams (Gr 9-12) U1000 Avg Team Rating
Junior High (No HS 9th Grade Teams per MCA Rules): 5-SS, 2 Sections - Junior High Championship: K-9, Junior High Reserve: K-9 U600 Avg Team Rating
Average Team Rating Calculator:

Michigan Chess Association and USCF Memberships Required for ALL Players

Event Policies:
MCA Scholastic Code of Conduct & Building Policies will be provided via a separate flyer online and via hard copy during the event. By registering for this event, players, parents, and coaches agree to abide by these policies. Any violations of these policies can lead to withdrawal of all teams from the school and ejection from the facility.

- Each team is composed of 3-5 players. A standard team consists of 4 players. A team may compete with 3 players, possibly forfeiting on board 4. Teams of 5 players are also permitted where any 4 of the 5 players can play each round while keeping consistent board order.
- The players on a team must be part of the same educational system (“school’) as defined by USCF Scholastic Regulations Sections 13.2, 13.3, or 13.4.
- Multiple teams from the same school may be submitted to any section or event.
- There is no requirement that the teams be sponsored by the school. A group of friends that meet the team eligibility requirements can register and compete.
- Individual players should not register for the event. Contact MCA for assistance forming a team.
- For teams that cannot participate due to last minute withdrawals, the remaining players may still participate in the extra rated games.

Section Eligibility:
MCA Standing Rule 82-01: Ninth grade students playing in an MCA scholastic team tournament must play in the event for the type of school they attend. Examples: (Adopted 01/13/82)
1. If a high school includes grades 9 12, then those ninth graders would play in the High School Tournament.
2. If a junior high school has grades 7 9, then those ninth graders would play in the Junior High School Tournament.

Board Order:
MCA Standing Rule 84-03: Regarding board order in team tournaments: Rated players should generally be placed in rating order; unrated players may be placed anywhere. This should be done with fairness in mind: The strongest player on each team should play on first board, no matter whether he has a relatively high or low rating or is unrated. The tournament director may, at his discretion, change submitted player placements, after considering evidence from various sources (non-USCF ratings, other coaches, etc.). (Adopted 06/21/84).

Average Team Rating:
Use our online tool to determine eligibility for Reserve sections:

Match Games:
Individual games are between the players only without the assistance of parents, coaches, and teammates. All questions or concerns, including current match score, should be directed to the TD.

Extra Rated Games:
Each round, Fourth boards without an opponent and alternates are paired randomly so they can play rated games. These games are optional, and players are not guaranteed a game. Points scored in these matches DO NOT count for individual medals.

Boards and Pieces are provided for tournament games. Bring your own set for skittles between rounds.

Bring Clocks:
Games may start without clocks, but games running long will have a clock placed on them with very little time.

Please bring writing utensils. All players must record the moves of their game until one player has less than 5 minutes remaining on the clock. Young players in the K-3 section must make an attempt at notation such as check marks or writing the letter for the piece moved.

Cell Phones:
No Players may have a cell phone in their possession during their game.

Parents and Coaches may be separated from the playing area once games begin.

Time Control:



9am – 11am – 1pm – 3pm – 5pm

Entry Fee:

$72 per Team or $20 per Player in Advance by 2/17/2024 (Sat week before) at Midnight
$92 per Team or $25 per Player in Advance by 2/19/2024 (Mon prior) at Midnight
$172 per Team or $45 per Player in Advance by 2/22/2024 (Thur prior) at 8pm
All mailed entries must be postmarked by 2/16/2024
Online registration: (Preferred Method)
If an invoice is needed for school payment, please contact the TD by 2/12/2024 to allow time for processing.


We will be using the Online Registration Team Event system this year to improve the processing of the event. Registration can be done by the team or as individuals that can be moved onto teams by the TD. Be sure to email the TD to let us know which team any individual entries should be assigned to. Teams and Players along with board order can be confirmed by viewing the Entry List on the website.

Online registration:

Mailed registration: Michigan Chess Association, P.O. Box 40, Flint, MI 48501

Bulk registration: Download Bulk Registration Template ( and fill out all player information and expirations. Email template to Jeff Aldrich at for confirmation. Payment for entry fees and memberships can be made via PayPal invoice.

DO NOT register unless you are part of a known school team. Individual players without a team are not allowed to participate.

Teams must be paid in advance and will be paired for round 1. Coaches with any changes must check-in and inform MCA staff before 8:15am. No refunds will be given to anyone who is paired for the first round and does not arrive. Parent/Coach check-in from 7:30-10:00am to pick up policy materials.


High School Sections: Individual Medals: Gold 4.0 pts, Silver 3.5 pts, Bronze 3.0 pts
High School Championship Team Awards: Top 10
High School Reserve Team Awards: Top 6

Junior High Sections: Individual Medals: Gold 5.0 pts, Silver 4.0-4.5 pts, Bronze 3.5 pts
Junior High Championship Team Awards: Top 10 teams + all at 3.5
Junior High Reserve Team Awards: Top 7 teams


Jeff Aldrich


No outside food/drink or delivery services.
- The Bistro will be open from 8:00am - 6:00pm
- Panda Express and Slim Chickens will be open from 10:30am - 2:30pm
- Food can also be pre-ordered from Oakland Center catering by Feb 16. Call Chartwells at 248.370.3400 to order and pay.
Pre-Order Menu:

Building Policies:

Assistance Forming Teams:
- Players must be part of a scholastic team to participate. Players on the same team should be registered in the same section.
- Individual players (or their parents) that are interested in participating should contact MCA ( for help facilitating a team.
- MCA will track interested individuals and which school they attend/represent. If there are enough players to form a team, we will help with the organizing of these teams including setting up Zoom calls to introduce parents and players.
- We will contact schools and attempt to help find other players interested in competing in these team events.
- There is no guarantee we will be able to find enough players to compete, but we will do our best.

Video of Question & Answer Session from 2023 Elementary Team:

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