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FTK! Quads @ AFK Games 02.24.24
24 Feb
Sat, Feb 24 - Sat, Feb 24
12:00 PM - 05:00 PM
AFK Games
2495 N Cedar St STE 14B
Holt, MI, 48842, United States



Venue is in south Lansing & has plenty of parking available.


Rated Quads (aka 3 round Round-Robin): Players will be in 4-person group & play each person once.

Please note: Some players may be grouped in a Mini-Swiss if there's a group that cannot make a full Quad. (Example: If we had 16 players, then there's four Quads of 4 players. If we have 18 players, then I would group 6 for a Mini-Swiss & then have 3 Quads).

USCF & MCA membership required.

Time Control:


(Each player has 25 minutes with a 5 second delay per move).


12-12:30pm: Check-In. ***No on-site registration.***

12:30pm-1pm: Sections provided to players, announcements, etc.

Round 1: 1pm
Round 2: 2:15pm
Round 3 3:30pm

Each round gives players a 15 min break. If BOTH players agree to start their game early, they must inform the Tournament Director.

Entry Fee:

$30 Cash Only


Youth competitors are encourage to attend the 2024 MI High School & Junior High Team Championships on the same weekend. Individuals without a team can contact MCA to potentially make a team & compete. That said, this event will still welcome all ages :)

Please follow instructions below:

1. Use the link below to sign up.
2. PLEASE include USCF ID in the "Message" section. It can be difficult to add you without it.
3. ***Registration closes Thurs 02.22.24 at 9pm EST. No on-site registration.***


$90 for the winner of each Quad.

If there's a Mini-Swiss, prizes will be 75% of that section's Entry Fees paid to 1st & 2nd.


Erich Wagner

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