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Welcome To Michigan Chess Association
MCA Membership Rates & Information
The following rates are current as of August 1, 2010 (We have not increased dues in 12+ years).

Memberships can be purchased through our online MCA Membership Database. This online database is our preferred method of signing up for MCA and will give you instant feedback that you are a member. You can also join when registering for an MCA tournament through the Online Registration System.
Membership Rates
For One Year

Regular with magazine: $15

Regular without magazine: $10

Family with magazine
(extra magazines $10): $25

Senior ( 65 and older): $10

Lifetime with magazine: $300

Patron Memberships also available which includes a $75 donation to MCA

Upcoming Events
All events require USCF and MCA memberships and are No Smoking No Computers unless otherwise stated. Memberships can be purchased at any tournament. Other state memberships are acceptable for non-Michigan residents.
26 Sep
2023 Genesee County CC Championship
03 Oct
MCC Oct 2023 month-long quads
06 Oct
2023 Harold Steen Memorial


Michigan Chess Clubs
Welcome to theMCA chess club page. Information here has been confirmed as of August 14, 2021.


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