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Tie Break Rules



(Amended 2001)

MCA Tiebreak Rules -- The Michigan Chess Association will use this ordered list of tiebreak systems in all MCA tournaments. (If a player who scored in actual play ties with one whose entire point total is due to unplayed games, tiebreak points should not be used; the player who scored in actual play wins automatically.) In team tournaments, total game points scored by all team members is the first tiebreak method used. This list conforms to all USCF rulebook requirements.

First, compute the adjusted score of each opponent played by counting each unplayed game (bye, forfeit, round not played after a withdrawal) as ½ a point. If the player involved in the tie has any unplayed games (byes, forfeits, unplayed rounds), those games count as opponents with an adjusted score of zero.

Next, discard ineligible adjusted scores as specified. Players with plus scores have the lowest opponent's adjusted score dropped. Players with even scores have the highest and lowest opponent's adjusted scores dropped. Players with minus scores have the lowest opponent's adjusted score dropped. Then add the remaining adjusted scores to determine the player's tiebreak points.

Add the adjusted scores of all opponents (same as Modified Median except no scores discarded).

Add the scores after each round; subtract one point for each one-point bye or forfeit win. Example: A player has a bye in round 1, wins in 2, loses in 3, draws in 4, wins in 5. The cumulative tiebreak score is 1 + 2 + 2 + 2 1/2 + 3 1/2 -1 = 10.

If the tied players played each other, the one who wins the game wins this tiebreak. If more than two tie, all results among tied players should be considered, with rank according to plus or minus, not percentage (3-1 is “plus two” and beats 1-0 which is “plus one”).

The player who plays as Black the most times wins this tiebreak.

Add the adjusted scores of each opponent defeated, plus half the adjusted scores of each opponent drawn.

Add four points for each game won, plus two points for each game drawn, plus one point for each game lost. (This way, a win and a loss are worth more than two draws.) Each unplayed game counts as two points.

The coin toss is used only for non-divisible prizes; it shall not be used to break a tie for any MCA title.

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