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Standing Rules


Standing Rules

General ------


Schools will be required to purchase only one library subscription (for $5.00) to Michigan Chess when participating in MCA scholastic events. The sense of the Board is to charge $12.00 if not collected at or for a scholastic tournament. (Adopted 11/10/89).

91-12     Advance entry is required for all MCA Scholastic Team Tournaments. (Adopted 09/27/91).

00-01     A Coach’s trophy is added for the High School, Junior High School, Elementary,
 High School Reserved, and Primary team competitions. (Adopted 01/15/00)


00-04     The names of these MCA Scholastic events are officially named as follows:

Michigan Elementary K-6 Team Championship (K-6 was added) ;

Michigan Primary K-3 Team Championship (K-3 was added);

Michigan Junior High School K-9 Team Championship (K-9 was added);

              Michigan High School 9-12 Team Championship (9-12 added);

Michigan High School Reserve K-12 Team Championship (K-12 added);

(Adopted 02/26/2000

00-10     All teams with 3.5 points or more in the Primary, Elementary, Junior High, and High School team tournaments get a trophy. (Adopted 11/03/00).

02-07     The basic per-diem pay for directing a scholastic tournament will be the same as for directing non-scholastic events. The Chief TD at a championship scholastic tournament will receive the per-diem TD pay, plus additional compensation for pre-tournament and post-tournament duties as follows:

1. For scholastic team events, 2/3 of a day’s pay for duties associated with pre-tournament registration and 2/3 of a day’s pay for post-tournament reporting if there are 40 or more teams entered, and 1/3 of a day’s pay for these duties if there are less than 40 teams.

2. For the Junior Championship, 2/3 of a day’s pay for duties associated with pre-tournament registration and 2/3 of a day’s pay for post-tournament reporting. (Adopted 11/24/2002)


03-01     Donations from vendors at our scholastic tournaments will be used for the MCA’s scholarship fund. The following amounts are considered the appropriate size for donations at the tournaments specified below (when the MCA controls chess-related vending at the site), and shall be made at least seven days in advance:

              Primary-Elementary Team Championship: $150

              Junior Championship: $100

              Junior High Team Championship: $60

              High School Team Championship: $40

Donation sizes are based on the vendor receiving three banquet tables to use. The MCA will provide a minimum of three tables for the first vendor at an event listed above. If additional tables are made available to a vendor, the donation size should be increased by $10 per table. Any additional vendor at a site must be informed beforehand if there is not enough space or tables for that vendor to use three tables. If there is more than one vendor at an event, the donation shall be split evenly between the vendors, with each vendor providing an extra fifteen dollars to cover the additional expense.   (Adopted 06/15/2004).

03-02     Amend rule 14 of the Scholastic Code of Conduct, moving present rule 14 to 15): Any spectator using a cell phone in the playing hall will be prohibited from the playing hall for the remainder of the event.           The same rule was approved as an MCA rule for all tournaments. (Adopted 06/15/2004).

08-03     Replaces Standing Rule 91-16

              Eligibility Requirement for Scholastic Team Tournaments:

              1. Each team is composed of 3-5 players who are full-time students at the SAME school building each day. The school building is a public, private, or charter school. A building may enter as many teams as they choose.

              2. Home-schooled and part-time students will be permitted to join these teams on a case by case basis after meeting the following requirements.

                              a. There will not be more than 1 home-schooled or part-time student per team.

              b. The building principal will write a letter of support for each student that is e-mailed to the tournament director at least two weeks prior to the event in question.

c. The student in question can only represent one school building during each academic year.

              d. The student in question must reside within the residential boundaries required for attendance at the school building in question. (Adopted 02/29/08)

Elementary K-6 -----

82-07   An MCA Elementary School Team Championship will be held annually, on a different date than MCA's other scholastic tournaments. (Adopted 07/14/82).

84-05   Out-of-state teams are excluded from the Michigan Elementary School Team Championship. (Adopted 11/30/84).

91-11     Whenever practical, three full-time directors and three adult volunteers will be used for the Elementary/Primary Team Championships. (Adopted 09/27/91).

93-04     At the Michigan Elementary State Team Championships, any team scoring 3.5 points is guaranteed a trophy.       (Adopted 06/25/93).

01-05     The Elementary Team Tournament in 2002 is to be split into two sections : K-5 and K-6.

(Adopted 05/20/2001

Primary K-3-----

91-11     Whenever practical, three full-time directors and three adult volunteers will be used for the Elementary/Primary

              Team Championships. (Adopted 09/27/91).

94-04     The Primary Team Championship shall be USCF rated. (Adopted 05/20/94).

00-02     A Young Children’s Reserve Section is added for K-3 and Under 600. (Adopted 01/15/00)


Junior HS K-9----

82-03   Out-of-state teams are excluded from the Michigan High School and Junior High School Team Championships. (Adopted 03/10/82).

82-09   The entry fee for the High School Team and Junior High School Team tournaments will include an MC subscription for the school library. (Adopted 09/22/82).

83-01   Elementary school students are allowed to play in the Junior High School Team Championship. (Adopted 06/22/83).

83-02   The High School Team, Junior High School Team, and Junior (individual) Championships will be USCF-rated. The Junior Championship will comprise five rounds (reduced from six). Note: Having the tournaments USCF-rated also means that MCA membership is required of each player. (Adopted 12/14/83).

91-13     Whenever practical, two directors, or one director and three proven adult volunteers, will be used in the Junior High School and High School Team Championships. (Adopted 09/27/91).


HS 9-12-----

82-01     Ninth-grade students playing in an MCA scholastic team tournament must play in the event for the type of school they attend. Examples:

1.If a high school includes grades 9-12, then those ninth-graders would play in the High School Tournament.

2. If a junior high school has grades 7-9, then those ninth-graders would play in the Junior High School Tournament. (Adopted 01/13/82).


82-03   Out-of-state teams are excluded from the Michigan High School and Junior High School Team Championships. (Adopted 03/10/82).

82-09   The entry fee for the High School Team and Junior High School Team tournaments will include an MC subscription for the school library. (Adopted 09/22/82).

83-02   The High School Team, Junior High School Team, and Junior (individual) Championships will be USCF-rated. The Junior Championship will comprise five rounds (reduced from six). Note: Having the tournaments USCF-rated also means that MCA membership is required of each player. (Adopted 12/14/83).

86-04     Junior High School teams will not be allowed to play in any MCA High School Team events. (Adopted 06/20/86).

91-05     "All-State" certificates are to be awarded to board prize winners in the Championship section of the High School Team Championship. (Adopted 03/15/91).

91-13     Whenever practical, two directors, or one director and three proven adult volunteers, will be used in the Junior High School and High School Team Championships. (Adopted 09/27/91).

HS Reserve K-12 ----

91-14     Any team with an average rating of under 1400 may play in the Reserve section of the High School Team     Championship. (Adopted 09/27/91). *** Replaced by 94-06.

94-06     The rating limit for the High School Reserve shall be lowered from 1300 to 1200. This supersedes

standing rule 91-14. (Adopted 05/20/94).

03-03     Participation in the High School Team Reserve section is limited to HS teams rated under 1000, and all K-8 teams are allowed to play in the HST Reserve Section regardless of rating.   (Adopted 06/14/2003).

Junior Individual -----

83-02   The High School Team, Junior High School Team, and Junior (individual) Championships will be USCF-rated. The Junior Championship will comprise five rounds (reduced from six). Note: Having the tournaments USCF-rated also means that MCA membership is required of each player. (Adopted 12/14/83).

91-08     Whenever practical, separate directors should be hired for the Michigan Junior sections. (Adopted 09/27/91).

91-09     Lowest grade level prizes in each section of the Michigan Junior Championship shall be awarded as "and under". (Adopted 09/27/91).

91-10     Five trophies are to be awarded in each of the championship sections of the Michigan Junior Championship. (Adopted 09/27/91).

91-13     Whenever practical, two directors, or one director and three proven adult volunteers, will be used in the Junior High School and High School Team Championships. (Adopted 09/27/91).

94-05     The Children’s Reserve and Young Junior Reserve Championships shall be USCF rated. (Adopted 05/20/94).

94-07     The Michigan Junior Championship will now have a K-3 section. (Adopted 05/20/94).

00-03     All sections at the Junior’s will be rated. (Adopted 01/15/00)

00-06   The Junior Championship is added to the list of events given in 90-03 where a tie for the title will not be Individual broken by tiebreak. (Adopted 09/23/00)

02-01     In all sections of the Michigan Junior Championship, whenever feasible, players from the same schools will not be paired against each other in the first two rounds. (Adopted 07/19/2002

02-02     In each section of the Michigan Junior Championship, all players scoring four or more points will receive an award. (Adopted 07/19/2002


Picking Representatives and Support -------

90-04   MCA representatives to the Region V Junior Invitational and the Denker Tournament of High School Champions shall be based on performance in the Michigan Junior Championship. The MCA Board reserves the right to alter its invitation for just cause. (Adopted 03/09/90).  

91-06     A maximum stipend of $250 will be given to the Michigan Junior Champion (or replacement) to defray expenses of competing in the Arnold Denker Tournament of High School Champions. A maximum stipend of $75 will be given to each of the two Michigan representatives to the Region V Junior Invitational. (Adopted 09/27/91).

91-07     A maximum $250 "College Scholarship" will be given to the winner of the Michigan Junior Championship, payable upon proof of enrollment in an accredited educational program beyond high school within one year of high school graduation. (Adopted 09/27/91).

92-01     The Michigan Chess Association will provide financial support (as provided in SR 91-06) for its representatives (as determined by SR 90-04) to play in the Region V Junior Invitational and the Arnold Denker Tournament of High School Champions. Requests of financial support for the purpose of playing in other invitational chess events will be considered by the Executive Board on a case-by-case basis. Requests for funding for open tournaments will not be considered. (Adopted 04/03/92).


06-04     Need wording for Denker and Polgar stipends rule.

08-04   08-04 Replace Standing Rule 04-02

MCA will not pick a representative to send to the Polgar Tournament.

              MCA will not fund to send a Michigan player to the Polgar Tournament. This may be reconsidered later.           (Adopted 12/12/08)


Officer/Board Members

82-02   MCA officers and directors are empowered to purchase supplies without specific Board authorization for each purchase. (Adopted 03/10/82).

84-01   The President or Vice-President is empowered to bind MCA as the official organizer for non-MCA tournaments, and use MCA's USCF affiliation to sponsor the event, providing that the tournament is personally supervised by an officer of MCA or a member appointed by the President. No individual or group shall be assisted in this manner more than once, unless the MCA Board approves such additional assistance. (Adopted 02/08/84).

85-04   The President, or organizer or director, if designated by the President, is empowered to negotiate vending terms with vendors for each tournament in advance of that tournament. (Adopted 06/21/85).

85-05   The Secretary of the Michigan Chess Association will notify the United States Chess Federation of all State Champions for inclusion in the annual Chess Yearbook published in the April issue of Chess Life. Information should include: The full name of the event, plus the date and city; The full name and home town of each winner; and for scholastic teams include the full school name and city where located. A press release should also be prepared for distribution to major newspapers and television stations in the state. (Adopted 09/27/85).


90-05     Between meetings of the Executive Board, motions may be approved using the following procedure:

1.           The maker of a motion shall send it, in writing, to the Secretary.

2.           The Secretary shall send it, in writing, to each Board member, along with a specified reply date which is no less than fourteen (14) days from the date of mailing.

3.           The motion shall be considered passed if no Board member notifies the Secretary of an objection, in writing, by the specified date.

4.           Objections may be on either of two grounds: procedural or substantive.

a.           A procedural objection states that the objector thinks this motion, by its nature, should be discussed at a face-to-face Board meeting. The Secretary shall put the motion on the agenda for the next Board meeting.

b.           A substantive objection states that the objector votes against the motion on its merits. Unlike a normal Board vote, this single "no" vote is enough to defeat the motion. The Secretary shall notify the maker of the motion of the objection. The maker of the motion may then take any action action he thinks appropriate, including, circulating a revised motion, or having the Secretary put the motion on the agenda of the next meeting.

5.           The Secretary shall notify all Board members of the resolution of the motion in a timely fashion. (Adopted 03/09/90).


91-03     At the final meeting of the Executive Board during each fiscal year the Treasurer shall submit a proposed budget for the next fiscal year to be approved by the Board. All Board members and committees must submit itemized budget estimates to the Treasurer at least one month before the final fiscal year meeting if their expenses are expected to exceed $50.00 for the next fiscal year. (Adopted 03/15/91)

91-04     The President may make or authorize expenditures of MCA funds for items other than normal expenses. The total amount the President may authorize is $250.00 between meetings of the Executive Board. This limit increases to $500.00 if the Treasurer and one other officer (Vice-President or Secretary) are consulted and give their consent. Normal expenses are those items that fall within the allocated amounts specified in the MCA annual budget. (Adopted 03/15/91)

94-02     A summary of the minutes of all MCA Board meetings will be published in MICHIGAN CHESS. The minutes must be approved by objections procedure before publication. (Adopted01/21/94).


00-05     Between Meetings of the MCA Board, emergency decisions of the Board may be made in the following manner:

I. The President is empowered to introduce a subject for consideration and decision by declaring that it meets two criteria.   First, it is of sufficient importance to require a formal vote of the Board. Second, it is desirable to have the subject settled before the next scheduled meeting of the Board. The President shall notify the Board members by email that he wishes a discussion and vote on the subject.

II. The Board members must have a minimum of one-week notice by email that a formal vote on the subject will be made.

III. A motion is passed that receives the approval of a majority of the sitting Board members. (Adopted 07/22/2000)

00-11     Debate on any motion to be limited to 15 minutes, 2 minutes per speaker, no one can speak twice unless all others who wanted to speak have done so.   (Adopted 11/03/00)      

08-01     The Michigan Chess Association (MCA) Membership Data Base is the sole property of the MCA. The Membership Secretary shall give the President or Vice President and one copy to the Treasurer a current copy of the MCA’s membership database. An updated data base list is to be compiled and is to be sent quarterly to the above officers.

              (Adopted 02/29/08)

09-01   Between meetings of the Executive Board, motions may be approved using the following procedure for Board Members:

              1. The maker of a motion shall send it, by e-mail, to the Recording Secretary.

2. The Recording Secretary shall send it by e-mail to all Board Members who have e-mail with a heading to indicate the maker wants to make an e-mail motion.

3. One of the Board members must send a second to the motion to the Recording Secretary within 3 days of the Day the Recording Secretary distributed the motion. If no second is received there is no motion.

4. If a second is received the Recording Secretary e-mails the Board and invites the members to discuss the motion using e-mails to the other board members.

5. The Members can send their yes/no/abstain vote to the Recording Secretary (and to the MCA President as a backup) any time in the next seven days. The Recording Secretary sends the Board the result after the 7th Day.

6. The motion and the result are recorded by the recording secretary in the next Board Meeting Minutes. (Adopted 03/27/09 – replace 90-05 and 00-05)

Procedure to Deal with Complaints Against Chess Players

Proposed by the ad hoc committee formed to create a policy. Committee members: Mike Duweck, Brian Johnson, and Floyd Furgason.

              Complaints regarding the conduct of chess players as it regards any chess event may be filed by anyone. Such complaints must be made in writing and can be made initially to any member of the MCA board. If the complaint is first made verbally, the board member must tell the complainant that such complaint will only be considered if submitted in writing. The board member must encourage the complainant to do so. The complaint must be forwarded to the board president within two days of receipt. A copy of the complaint must be kept by the receiving board member in case of a mail problem with the original. Upon the President's receipt of the complaint, he must:

A.         Determine the date at which the complaint will be considered by the board. This date will preferably be the same as the regular board meeting.

B.         Mail a copy of the complaint to the accused and all other members of the board. The complainant, the accused and the members of the board must all be informed of the time, date, and place of the hearing on the matter. The complainant and the accused must also be mailed a copy of this procedure so that they know the process they are being asked to follow.

C.           The hearing may take place no sooner than two weeks after notice is mailed, but no later than six weeks after the notice is mailed.


The hearing procedure shall be as follows: It is recommended that following the call to order of the meeting and approval of the minutes from the previous meeting, if any, a motion to suspend the rules be made for the purpose of bringing the complaint to the floor and for the convenience of those attending for the hearing only. Should none of the principals be present, the board may elect to bring the issue up later in the meeting, unless the meeting has been called for the sole purpose of hearing

the complaint, in which case the board will consider whatever information is on hand and render its decision. Once the issue comes up before the board, the complainant will be allowed to present his case, including whatever statements, witnesses, or evidence he chooses. The accused will then be allowed to question any part of the complainant's case. The accused will then be allowed to present his case including whatever statements, witnesses, or evidence he chooses. The complainant will then be

allowed to question any part of the accused's case. The board will then be allowed to ask any questions it has of either side in the matter. This hearing shall be open. Written statements may be presented in lieu of a witness' appearance. The accused and/or the complainant may be represented by another person at the hearing. Following conclusion of the hearing, the deliberation process shall proceed as follows: The board shall withdraw into closed session immediately or postpone such closed session until later in the meeting unless the meeting was called for the sole purpose of hearing the complaint, and make its ruling. The complainant and the accused shall be informed of the board's decision

in writing within two days of the board's action, which must be taken during the above mention closed session so those board members present at the hearing and only those present at the hearing may take part in the decision. A majority vote shall be sufficient to determine the board's action. If the complainant or the accused is a board member, that board member shall not be allowed to act in that capacity during the complaint process. The decision of the board shall take effect immediately. The charge, the complainant, the accused, and the outcome only shall be published in the MCA magazine.


Michigan Chess Association Hall of Fame Rules

(As Adopted June 19, 1987)

(Amended March 9, 1990)

Amended March 29, 2003)


1.           The qualification requirement is that the person must have made a significant contribution to the growth, development, and prestige of chess in Michigan and the MCA.

2.           The initial inductees at the 1988 Michigan Open will be: V. E. Vandenburg, Fjola Vandenburg, Andrew Palmi, Leon Stolzenburg, George Eastman, and J. D. Brattin.

3.           Candidates shall be considered every even-numbered year for induction at the Michigan Open.

4.           In the fall of each even numbered year, a Hall of Fame Committee shall be appointed for a two-year term by the MCA President, with the advice and consent of the Board.

5.           A Hall of Fame Committee shall collect nominations and research candidates. Candidates may be either living or committee may receive nominations by any methods that it considers appropriate.

6.           The Committee shall present at least one candidate to the MCA Board of Directors in the last quarter of an odd numbered year. To be inducted, a candidate must achieve at least a 2/3 vote of the MCA Board of Directors. If there is more than one candidate, each candidate must be considered separately. Optionally, the MCA Board may determine an alternate method of selection. Any alternate method must be agreed upon by at least 2/3 of the MCA Board.

7.           The Hall of Fame Committee will be responsible for organizing an induction ceremony and reception with refreshments at the annual membership meeting. The inductee(s) shall receive a suitable plaque and a subsequent issue of Michigan Chess will feature the inductee(s) with a biographical page, statistics, and games.

8.           Induction into the Hall of Fame will include an Honorary Life Membership to the Michigan Chess Association.


Publications ---

82-04   Michigan Chess will be published nine times per year, with a tournament bulletin being sent to all USCF members in Michigan in the off-months. (Adopted 03/10/82).

Note: This was subsequently changed to six magazines alternating with six bulletins annually.

Second note: See standing rule 88-01 regarding the policy of sending bulletins to USCF members.

86-03     MCA will split the cover cost of MICHIGAN CHESS magazine with any business that agrees to carry and sell it. (Adopted 06/20/86).

88-01   Henceforth, tournament bulletins will be sent only to MCA members with the exception of the July bulletin, which will also be sent to all USCF members residing in Michigan. (Adopted 05/27/88).

90-02     Free listing(s) in the Michigan Chess Tournament Calendar will be granted to all tournaments which require MCA membership of Michigan residents, with exceptions as noted below. Free listing(s) are available up to one year in advance as space permits. Other listing(s) may be purchased as advertising space. This policy in no way restricts activities of the USCF clearinghouse(s) for Michigan.


1)         Tournaments in the following categories may be listed, even if they do not require MCA membership:

a) Region V regional championship tournaments

b) USCF national championship tournaments

c) Rated scholastic tournaments

d) Non-rated tournaments held in conjunction with rated tournaments which do require MCA membership.

2)         Reciprocal free listing arrangements with other associations are permitted.

3)           Tournaments held on the same date(s) as MCA open state championship tournaments, or on the same date(s) as previously scheduled tournaments not sponsored by MCA within a 75-mile radius of each other, will generally not be listed. One-day tournaments reduce the 75-mile radius to 25 miles.

4)           MCA retains the right to not list any tournament, free or paid, for just cause. If a paid advertisement is not published payment will be returned (or another arrangement as agreed to by both parties). Just cause may include, but is not limited to, organizers who change the duration or existence of a listed tournament without published notice. (Adopted 01/19/90).

94-01     The Editor of MICHIGAN CHESS is authorized to run one 40 page issue of the magazine per year.

 (Adopted 01/21/94).

94-08     The cover price for MICHIGAN CHESS will be $3.00. (Adopted 10/07/94).


93-02     Advertising rates for MICHIGAN CHESS magazine and the Michigan Chess Association’s Tournament Bulletin

are as follows: Advertisers who require MCA membership to enter their tournaments will be entitled to a discounted rates: $75 for a full page, 40 for a half page, and 25 for a quarter page.

              Full Page                             7.5 x 9.75             $110

              ¾ Page                                 7.5 x 7.25             90

              ½ Page                                 7.5 x 4.75             70

                or                                     3.5 x 9.75             70

              ¼ Page                                 7.5 x 2.25             45

                or                                     3.5 x 4.5                             45

              1/8 Page                                             3.5 x 2.25             30

              Back Cover, 2 colors       7.5 x 6.75             150

              10% discount for 6 issues, 20% discount for 12 issues.       Dead line is the first of the month preceding publication for photo ready copy. All submissions should be sent to the Editor of MICHIGAN CHESS. (Adopted 01/15/93).

Advertisers who require MCA membership to enter their tournaments will be entitled to a discounted rates: $75 for a full page, 40 for a half page, and 25 for a quarter page. (Amendment added 01/06/01).

98-01     The Editor of MICHIGAN CHESS may award a $10 gift certificate to persons sending in annotated games that are published. The Editor will have sole discretion over selecting the winner.(Adopted 01/30/98)

01-01     MCA will grant a discount ad rate for people who require MCA membership to enter their tournaments of - $75 for full page; $40 for ½ page; and $25 per ¼ page ads. (Adopted 01/06/2001).

02-08     The Editor of MICHIGAN CHESS magazine will be paid $50 compensation per issue. (Adopted 11/24/2002).

Tournaments ----

82-10   One-‘half point byes will be granted to any player in an MCA tournament for any round in the first half of the tournament if: The player enters in advance, requests the bye(s) at the time of entry, and has a "reasonable" reason for the request. (Adopted 12/08/82).

85-03   MCA tournaments will use ratings published in the latest available rating supplement, regardless of its cover date, and MCA will publicize this in tournament advertisements, and will urge other organizers/directors in Michigan to do the same. Note: The USCF's distribution of the rating supplements is staggered across the country and is post-dated intentionally in an attempt to standardize usage. (dAopted 06/21/85).

85-06   Permission is granted to copy all MCA tournament forms for educational use and MCA tournaments.

(Adopted 09/27/85).

86-01     Any player in an MCA tournament (e. g. Michigan Open, Michigan Women's, Michigan Amateur, each class of the             Michigan Class, Michigan Postal, Michigan Speed, Michigan Collegiate, Michigan Masters/Experts, Michigan Junior, Michigan Young Junior, Michigan Children's) is eligible to win cash prizes in that tournament. To be eligible for the title and associated trophy awarded to the State Champion of each MCA tournament outlined above, the player must be an MCA member at the start of the tournament and a resident of the state of Michigan. (The Elementary School Team, High School Team, and Junior High School Team Championships were excluded from the above list due to standing rules 82-03 and 84-05 disallowing out-of-state participation).   (Adopted 01/10/86, amended 01/15/88). (Replaced by 01-04 and 01-??).

86-02     The fee to be paid to the Tournament Director(s) for all MCA events will be $60 per day. The Michigan Open will be considered a four day event for purposes of determining TD fees. For the Michigan Open, one TD will be hired for four days and one TD will be hired for three days. (Adopted 03/07/86).

86-05     By vote of those present at the general membership meeting, all MCA board members have been granted free entry to all MCA sponsored tournaments. (Adopted 08/31/86).      

87-01   Smoking will not be allowed in the tournament room(s) of any MCA sponsored tournament. (This was a re-affirmation of a long-standing policy of the MCA). (Adopted 03/20/87).

87-02     Standard pairing rules will be followed at all MCA tournaments, using ratings wherever possible (Adopted 06/19/87).

88-02     The MCA will require the chief TD of all MCA tournaments to be responsible for providing a cross table complete with tie-breaks and a list of prize winners to the Editor of Michigan Chess. (Adopted 07/15/88).

91-15     Tournament Directors are required to turn in MCA memberships within 15 days of the tournament. Repeated violations will result in suspension of advertising privileges in MICHIGAN CHESS. (Adopted 12/06/91).

91-17   Junior players (under 18) may play for 50% of the regular entry fee in the Michigan Open (Reserve section only),   Michigan Women’s, Michigan Class, and Michigan Action Tournaments. (Adopted 12/06/91).

92-02     MCA membership (or equivalent) is required of all players in all sections of MCA tournaments, including sections which are not rated. Current membership in another state’s chess association and current membership in another country’s national chess federation are acceptable substitutes for MCA membership for players who do not reside in Michigan. (Adopted 04/03/92).

92-03     Computers are not eligible to play MCA tournaments, except in computer eligible sections of the Michigan Postal   Championship. (Adopted 04/03/92).

93-01     MCA does not condone wagering on skittles games at MCA-sponsored tournaments. USCF policies will be followed regarding wagering on tournament games. If wagering on skittles games at MCA-sponsored events causes any disturbance, MCA reserves the right to take whatever action the offense merits. (Adopted 01/15/93).

93-03     MCA will accept personal checks for Michigan events only from Michigan residents or current MCA members.(Adopted 06/25/93

93-05     Grandmasters and International Masters receive free entry at MCA championship tournaments. (Adopted ???).

97-01     Scholastic ½ price entries will be counted as ½ an entry when computing “based on” prize targets. (Adopted 10/04/97)        

98-02     Free entry to MCA tournaments is granted for up to three members of the Editorial staff.

(Adopted 01/30/98)

00-08     The tiebreak points for all opponents of a player who re-enters a tournament shall be the same. The total used will be the score of the re-entered player on the latest attempt. (Adopted 11/03/00)

00-09     Trophy Awards in State Title Events. – In a chess tournament or section where the highest finish by an eligible player receives a State Champion title, trophies will be awarded in the following manner:

1. Any player who finishes in a tournament position for which a trophy is awarded is entitled to get a trophy for that particular place, regardless of whether the player is eligible for the state title.

2. A player who wins the state title will be awarded a trophy for that honor, whether or not the player finishes in a tournament position assigned a trophy.

3. The recommended way of facilitating these rules is to omit the words “1st place” from the engraving on the top trophy, and use only the word “Champion”. (Example: the trophy for the “Michigan Amateur Champion” should use these words, rather than something like “1st place Michigan Amateur”.) That way the title trophy’s nameplate will not need to be re-engraved. This trophy may then be awarded to whoever wins the title, regardless of tournament place. If a player ineligible for the title wins the tournament, that player will be awarded the place trophy that would have been won by the person winning the state title, and a new name plate with the appropriate engraving for 1st place will be sent. If a place trophy is unavailable for reassignment (because the state title winner did not finish in a place eligible for a trophy), the MCA will get a new trophy for 1st place, appropriate in size and engraving, and award it to that player. (Adopted 11/03/2000).


00-16     Half point byes are allowed in any round except the last round, if asked for

              in advance. (Adopted 11/03/2000).

00-17     A one half point bye is allowed in tournaments of up to five rounds, and two half point byes for tournaments of more than five rounds. (Adopted 11/03/2000).

01-02     Incorrect Prize Awards

It is the policy of the MCA to correct any error in the awarding of prizes, titles, or trophies at an MCA tournament. There will be statute of limitations of 180 days from the day the tournament ends to challenge the correctness of an award. An award may be challenged by an injured party, any MCA Board member or officer, or member of the tournament staff for that event. . (Adopted 01/06/2001).


01-04     The title of State Champion will be awarded in these events:

Michigan Open                 Michigan Open Reserve                 All the section winners in M/E/C

Women’s Open                 Junior K-12                                       Elementary Team K-5

Elementary Team K-6     Junior High Team K-9                     High School Team 9-12

Michigan Team                 Invitational Champion                   Amateur Champion

Primary Team K-3             Young Junior K-8                           Children’s K-5

Young Children’s K-3     Senior                                                 Action

Speed Quick                       BHC Winner                                     BHC <1900                                                  

BHC <1700                       BHC <1500                                       BHC <1300.

(BHC = Bottom Half Championship)

Adopted 05/20/2001

06-02     Grandmasters, International Masters, Fide Masters and National Masters will receive free entry into MCA Championship Tournaments. Early entry fees will be deducted from any prize money won. (Adopted 06/30/2006)


07-01   Any players completing a non-scholastic MCA tournament who tie with perfect scores shall be declared co-champions   (adapted 06/29/2006 to replaced 04-01 which replaced 80-01).

07-02     Should a cell phone or pager go off during the tournament, the director will deduct half the remaining time, for that time control, off the offender’s clock for the first offense. Game forfeiture for the second offense. Spectators will be subjected to expulsion for the remainder of the event for any offense. (Adopted 10/12/07 replaces 06-03)

08-02   All Michigan Chess Association Championship Events will use MCA’s, United States Chess Federation’s Affiliate Identification number when submitting their tournament report to the United States Chess Federation to be rated. If any USCF membership sold for participation in any MCA Championship Event has a commission, this commission then becomes the sole property of the Michigan Chess Association. (Adopted 02/29/08)

Team ----

84-03   Regarding board order in team tournaments: Rated players should generally be placed in rating order; unrated players may be placed anywhere. This should be done with fairness in mind: The strongest player on each team should play on first board, no matter whether he has a relatively high or low rating or is unrated. The tournament director may, at his discretion, change submitted player placements, after considering evidence from various sources (non-USCF ratings, other coaches, etc.). (Adopted 06/21/84).


85-02   At all MCA team events, team entries will be accepted with no fewer players than one less than full team complement.           Example: three players may play as a team in a four-player team event; two may not. (Adopted 03/08/85).

98-03     The MCA Team event is defined as having 3 players per team.

              (Adopted 01/30/98)

01-03     Team Chess Lineup Order Rule.

A team receiving a forfeit on the bottom board that is known to be occurring may alter its lineup by designating any player of choice to receive the forfeit, regardless of rating. The purpose of this rule is to allow a particular player normally on the bottom board the opportunity to participate in an actual game. The players actually playing games must be kept in the proper order. (Adopted 05/20/2001).

M/X/C ----


90-07     Players participating in the Masters/Experts/Class Tournament must play in their own class, as determined by rating. "Playing up" is not allowed, except that a player WILL be allowed to play up a class if his rating over the past             year would place him in that class, and if his current rating is within 100 points of qualifying for that class.

(Adopted 09/28/90, amended 01/30/98).

02-05     The Masters/Experts/Class Tournament is renamed the Michigan Class Championships.

              (Adopted 11/24/2002)

02-06     In awarding trophies and state championship titles at MCA tournaments, a state champion title always receives precedence over an untitled award. Note: This rule clears up any ambiguity associated with the awarding of a state champion title when a section also has higher-rated players (and prizes) not eligible for the title, as our Class D/E Section at the Michigan Class Championships. This rule is needed even if we give a larger monetary award to the title than untitled awards, because trophies are not required to match the monetary prizes supposedly associated with them. Also, we do not want to pay more for first place in Class E

              than paid for overall prizes in the D/E section. (Adopted 11/24/2002)

06-01     The most recent USCF rating supplement will be used for the determining ratings. In the Michigan Class Tournament, players must play in the class in which their rating indicates. Unrated players must play in the Novice section. Players may request to play up in class (or unrated players may request being seeded into a class) if their recent tournament

history shows an achievement into that class. The tournament director must approve all requests and will assign a rating to the player within the rating window of that class. (Adopted 06/30/2006)

OPEN ------


98-04     Re-entries are allowed for the Michigan Open. The re-entry fee will be an amount equal to the early entry fee. (Adopted 06/12/98)    

Senior -----

02-03 Anyone who is 50 years of age or older by the end of the calendar year of the Senior Championship shall

      be eligible to play in that event

Memberships / Trusts - -

84-02   An MCA member contributing $75.00 or more, in cash or services, above the normal yearly dues to MCA, will be declared a Patron Member of MCA for a period of one year. (Adopted 03/20/84). (Amended 01/15/88).(Amended 03/04/2005, increasing the amount from $25 to $75).

85-01   For tournaments that require MCA membership, said membership must be valid throughout the tournament's duration. Most non-consecutive memberships (new, or renewing after a lapse in membership) will expire on the last day of the previous month in the appropriate year (the next year for one-year member-ships, the second year for two-year memberships, etc.). The only exceptions are those memberships purchased at the Michigan Open; they will expire on August 31st of the appropriate year. Example: a membership purchased in February will expire on January 31st.

(Adopted 03/08/85).


89-01   The MCA will suspend the membership privileges for anyone who is in arrears with the Association as determined by       the Treasurer. (Adopted 02/03/89).

91-01     A Prison Membership category is hereby established at a Rate equal to the Senior Membership Category. (Adopted 01/18/91)

02-04     Effective January 1, 2003, MCA memberships dues are as follows.   (Adopted 10/05/2002).(replaced by 10-1; 10-2 06/25/2010)

                                            One Year             Two Years           Three Years

              Full Adult           $20                       $37                       $53

              Junior/Senior     $10                       $18                       $25

              Part. Junior         $5                         (no magazine)


89-02   The MCA Board has established the Michigan Invitational Tournament Fund. The principle will be held in trust. The interest will be used to pay for any and all expenses including but not limited to prizes. (Adopted 05/26/89).

89-04   Life memberships in the Michigan Chess Association shall be made available based upon the following: Cost: The cost of life membership in the Michigan Chess Association shall be twenty (20) times the then-existing one year regular adult membership cost. Term: Life memberships run for the life of the member or until voluntarily relinquished. They may not be passed on to children or others but are personal to the holder. Failure to inform MCA of a change of address shall be deemed to be voluntary relinquishment for the time MCA remains uninformed of the change in address. MCA retains the right to bar a life member from tournament play for just cause. Life membership

entitles the life member to all normal membership privileges. Five percent (5%) of the moneys received for each life membership shall go to the MCA General Fund. The remaining ninety-five percent (95%) of the moneys received for each life membership shall be placed in a reserve fund. The principal shall be left in the reserve fund; the interest shall be withdrawn at the beginning of each fiscal year and placed in the General Fund.         In the event a Life Member becomes deceased, the associated principal may be withdrawn. (Passed November 10, 1989).   (Amended 05/25/1990).


90-01   All revenue from the Kellner Fund is eligible to be used for any and all prizes awarded in the Michigan Women's Championship tournament. (Adopted 01/19/90).


91-02   MCA Membership List Rental Policy.

            1.           The person or group requesting the list must have a clear association with chess.

2.           The person or group requesting the list must have the best interests of MCA in mind when designing mailing pieces. And to that end, they may be required to submit proposed mailing pieces to the MCA Board prior to any solicitation.

3.           Lists are for one time use only.

4.           If members begin to complain that they are being inundated with mail, the MCA Board should suspend the list rental practice.

5.         MCA members may request that their name not be released to any group.

6.           A rental charge in line with regular commercial rates, shall be charged for each use of the list. The MCA Board may waive this rental charge to non-profit groups. A charge for providing a diskette should also be levied and is not subject to waiver. The charge for this type of list shall be $50.00 per thousand names with at $10 fee to make and ship a diskette. (Adopted 03/15/91).

10-01     MCA will not deny anyone membership in MCA because of financial hardship

10-02     The following motion to change the dues structure of the MCA was passed at the June 25, 2010 Board Meeting. Effective August 1, 2010 – to supersede all previous dues structures.

1. Membership, Including printed magazine - $15 annually.

2. Membership, No printed magazine - $10 annually.

3. Senior Membership (65 year old and older), Including printed magazine - $10 annually

4. Family Membership, including 1 copy of printed magazine - $25 annually

All Family membership must be at same address. Extra printed magazine $10 per subscription.

5. Life Membership, includes printed magazine - $300

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