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2023 Michigan Junior Championships
11 Mar
Sat, Mar 11 - Sun, Mar 12
09:00am - 08:00pm
Lansing Center
333 E Michigan Ave
Lansing, MI, 48933, United States




5-SS, 8 Sections
Junior Championship (K-12): March 11-12
Junior Reserve (9-12 U1000): March 11
Young Junior Championship (K-8): March 11
Young Junior Reserve (K-8 U800): March 11
Children's Championship (K-5): March 11
Children's Reserve (K-5 U600): March 11
Young Children's Championship (K-3): March 11
Young Children's Reserve (K-3 U300): March 11

Time Control:

Junior Championship (K-12): G/90+30
One Day Sections: G/40;d5


Junior Championship (K-12): Sat: 9:30am – 1:45pm – 6pm, Sun: 9:30am – 1:45pm
One Day Sections: 9am - 11am - 1pm - 3pm - 5pm

Entry Fee:

$25 Advance by 3/7/2023
$40 Advance by 3/10/2023 at 10pm
All mailed entries must be postmarked by 3/3/2023
Onsite: $50 with Half-Point Bye for Round 1


Mail: MCA, P.O. Box 40, Flint, MI 48501


Junior Championship (K-12): Top 5, Top 3 Gr 9u, 10, 11, 12; Scholarships: 1st $500, 2nd $250
Top in Grade 9-12 represents Michigan at the Denker Tournament of High School State Champions at the U.S. Open.
Top Female Finisher represents Michigan at the Haring National Tournament of Girls State Champions at the U.S. Open

Junior Reserve (9-12 U1000): Top 5

Young Junior Championship (K-8): Top 5, Top 3 Gr 6u, 7, 8
Top in Grade 6-8 represents Michigan at the Barber Tournament of Middle School State Champions at the U.S. Open.

Young Junior Reserve (K-8): Top 5

Children's Championship (K-5): Top 5, Top 3 Gr 4u, 5
Top player represents Michigan at the Rockefeller Tournament of Elementary State Champions at the U.S. Open.

Children's Reserve (K-5 U600): Top 5

Young Children's Championship (K-3): Top 5, Top 3 Gr Ku, 1, 2, 3

Young Children's Reserve (K-3 U300): Top 5

Invitational Events will be held from July 29 - August 1, 2023 during the U.S. Open in Grand Rapids, Michigan


Jeff Aldrich


Tournament Information
- Equipment: Boards and Pieces are provided for tournament games. Bring your own set for skittles between rounds.
- Bring Clocks: Games may start without clocks, but games running long will have a clock placed on them with very little time.
- Notation: All players must record the moves of their game until one player has less than 5 minutes remaining on the clock. Younger players just learning to write should make an attempt by writing the piece or check marks. Please bring writing utensils as they are not provided.
- Cell Phones: No Players may have cell phone in their possession during their game.
- Spectators: Parents and Coaches will be separated from the playing area once games begin.
- Eligibility: All players that meet grade eligibility are welcome to participate including out of state players. Out of state players are not eligible for scholarships, state champion titles, nor being state representative.

Visit to see the location layout. Below is the space available for the chess tournament.
- Junior (K-12, Sat & Sun): Rooms 101-104
- One Day Sections (Sat only): Hall A
- Teams Rooms Available (Sat only): Rooms 201-205
- General Skittles: Banquet Rooms 1-8
- Concessions: North Point Cafe

NO OUTSIDE FOOD or COOLERS per Lansing Center Rules!!! Concessions available on-site both days

Hotel Rooms Available at the Radisson Lansing at the Capitol, 111 North Grand Ave, Lansing, MI 48933
Rate: $109+tax by March 3, 2023; (800) 333-3333; - Promotion Code: MIJR03

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