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Hall of Fame
Ed Mandell

Dr. Ed Mandell – Inducted into the Michigan Chess Hall of Fame: 2018
Chess Experience and dedication to the Chess Community
  • All The King's Men started at Universal Mall around 1998 and has since expanded and moved to Roseville, MI within the last 4 years and most recently, to Warren.
  • He learned to play chess at 8 years old from his father’s friend, and he was inspired to play and learn more about chess.
  • Dr. Mandell taught chess classes in schools, gave private lessons to beginners, and employs instructors to teach chess.
  • One of his biggest influences was Harold Steen who taught him about chess life, how to instruct others in the game and how to help inspire children by encouraging them to play. Harold would buy sets from Dr. Mandell to help bring chess equipment into schools. Because of Harold Steen, Dr. Mandell developed a respect and esteem for those around him who truly wanted to help others.
  • The Motor City Open, started by Dr. Howard Gaba in the 1950’s which a few people continued after his passing until 2001 when Dr. Mandell tried his hand at hosting the Motor City Open (his largest event) continuing the tradition.
  • He has made significant contributions to the chess community for the last few decades.
  • He attributes his ability to run chess tournaments by learning from Dr. Paul Grams, who impressed him, because he would never turn a child away who wanted to learn or play in a tournament. Always seeking to help, he would often pay for them. When he saw people like Dr. Grams and Mr. Steen do this, he learned that helping kids who were less fortunate was a blessing and would try to make the equipment and/or tournaments affordable.
  • Dr. Mandell has also been very supportive of other chess clubs, tournaments, and anyone who he can help bring chess awareness to Metro Detroit and the State of Michigan.
  • Dr. Mandell has held chess classes in Detroit over the years and with this sometimes, families who could not pay for the child were still allowed to attend.
  • He is very passionate about promoting chess and generate chess excitement in the community.
  • In April of 2018, Dr. Mandell hosted the first Blitz competition between the "Motor City's" top players (from Metro Detroit) and "Wind City's" players (including Suburb and local Chicago area) at All The King’s Men and it was on Facebook live, as well as, other social media.
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