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Michigan Scholastic Club
The Michigan Scholastic Club is our fall scholastic event. There are 4 sections by grade (K-12, K-8, K-5, K-3). There are prizes for both individuals and team clubs in each section. Individual players are not required to part of a club to participate. Players from the same club in the same section will not be paired against one another unless absolutely necessary (when one club makes up a large percentage of the section).


Year Date Site Location Players K-12 Team Champion(s) K-12 Individual Champion(s) K-8 Team Champion(s) K-8 Individual Champion(s) K-5 Team Champion(s) K-5 Individual Champion(s) K-3 Team Champion(s) K-3 Individual Champion(s)
2022 November 5 Lansing Center Lansing 285 Implodians Ethan Lyu
Druheen Das
Larrance Xing
Dron Das
Arbor Chess Monsters Zhenglin Song
Eli Laberteaux
Implodians Jayden Su (1st - ON)
Tiffany Li (MI Champ)
Shiva Shan (MI Champ)
Implodians Anirudh Anand
Theodore Bielski
Elijah Billings
Krishna Baalu
Dhruv Iyer
2021 November 20 Lansing Center Lansing 169 Cranbrook Ethan Lyu
Justin Liang
Nathan Ouyang
Twin Knights Chess Club Aaron Y Liu
Nicolas Casey
Okemos Yeshwin Gedde New Century Center for Academic Excellence Tiffany Li
Olivia Lin
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